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Storey's Field Centre


Demountable staging in 1m x 2m panels
Maximum width 8m
No maximum depth, but anything over 4m will affect capacity
Leg heights available: 25cm, 50cm or 100cm

Note: stage size/height will be dependent on staff levels and on our event schedule. We’ll endeavour to provide what you want, but sometimes compromises will need to be made.


270 standing
180 seated


2x Meyer Sound CAL 32 speakers, wall-mounted
1x Meyer Sound 500-HP subwoofer


5x DAD Touring 12MA active monitor speakers


Midas M32 digital mixing desk
Midas DL32 stage box

Note: the default mix position is on the mezzanine. The desk can be moved to floor level, but this will affect capacity.


6x Shure SM58
3x Shure SM57
2x Shure PGA81
2x Shure PGA56
1x Shure PGA57
1x Shure PGA52

1x Sennheiser E614
2x Sennheiser wireless E835 w/ receiver
4x Sennheiser wireless SK100 bodypack transmitter w/ microphone & receiver

6x Rode NT6
1x Rode NT5

1x AKG C747
1x AKG C568B
1x AKG C414

Assorted mic stands


Assorted XLR cables in 3m, 5m, 10m lengths


2x BSS AR-133 active DI box

Tascam CD-200IL CD player
Tascam SS-CDR200 recorder


ETC Element lighting controller with touchscreen

5x motorised light bars containing an assortment of:
· Source Four Zoom 15-30°
· Source Four Zoom 25-50°
· ProLights StudioCob FC LED PAR
· Elation Platinum HFX moving heads


Christie DWU850-GS laser projector, ceiling mounted
8m Runway Plus roller screen

Aimibo G48 wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver

Tascam DV-D01U DVD player

Technical staff:

Storey’s Field Centre does NOT have a dedicated technical crew. You are welcome to bring in your own competent sound and light technicians, or we can source at your expense. If you’re bringing in your own technicians, they should have familiarity with the equipment listed above.

External hire-ins:

If you need to hire anything in addition to what we have, we recommend Blueshed.

Storey’s Field Centre technical specification
Last updated 18th June 2024