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Storey's Field Centre


Thursday 4th November
7:30 pm – 10:00 pm

You topple a tyrant… and then what? How do you build peace? Especially when the ground is never solid beneath your feet.

Dunsinane takes the conclusion of Macbeth and runs with it. Taking inspiration from events in 21st century Iraq and Afghanistan as well as 11th century Scotland, Dunsinane uses both tragedy and humour to examine the plight of a peacekeeping force in an alien land.

Inventively staged, featuring live original music, Dunsinane promises to be an exciting and thought provoking piece of theatre.

Directed by Chris Avery

Presented by Corkscrew Theatre

Thursday 4th November: 19:30 - 22:00
Friday 5th November: 19:30 - 22:00
Saturday 6th November: 19:30 - 22:00
Sunday 7th November: 18:00 - 20:30

Running time
150 minutes (with interval)


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