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Storey's Field Centre

The Storyteller and the Shaman

Monday 11th November
9:45 am – 11:00 am

4The Storyteller and the Shaman is a workshop that looks at the ancient relationship of magical language to story. By exploring fairy tales and poetic speech we bear witness to how myth can create communicable relatedness between a teller, a landscape, and the mood of the times.

You will leave with at least one story to tell, and a deep reservoir of approaches to both honour and comprehend the power of ancient stories and how they rub up against the very architecture of modern life. Why do we still need storytellers? Where, secreted within the role, is the old relationship to magic? This is a workshop accessible for anyone with a wider love of myth, land, poetics, not storytellers exclusively.

Age Guidance
Suitable for ages 16 and over

£43.20 inc. booking fee
£32.70 inc. booking fee

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The Storyteller and The Shaman