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Storey's Field Centre

International Women’s Day: Some Nasty Women

Saturday 9th March
1:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Cambridge Ladybirds WI will host “Some Nasty Women”, an event to celebrate International Women’s Day, on the afternoon of Saturday 9th March. “We named the event Some Nasty Women because we wanted to subvert the idea that women who think about things and speak out about what they think are nasty. We wanted to show our solidarity with all the brave women around the world working towards making the things better through campaigns like the women’s marches and the #metoo movement” said Jo Beale, Ladybirds Programme Secretary and the organiser of this event.

The event will bring women from across the UK and Ireland to discuss their work and ideas in a series of talks covering topics as diverse as the the ethical and social issues with sex robots, mechanical mothers, women in cycle activism, working to repeal the abortion ban in Ireland, craftivism and the feminisation of public space, and what it’s like to start performing stand up as a middle aged woman.

In addition to a range of fascinating talks there will also be a chance to take part in a community art project related to the WI’s latest campaign “Mental Health Matters” which the Ladybirds plan to use as part of their campaigning on the issue this year. “We wanted to give Cambridge an idea of what the Ladybirds are interested in and what we do. This event is like a year of WI meetings all crammed into one afternoon – Tea, cake, interesting discussions, crafts and activism; it really is the essence of the Women’s Institute!” said Jo Beale.

The festival will feature stalls and displays from like minded community organisations to give a snapshot of the work going on in the local area around women’s rights, the environment and social improvement. “We hope, that by inviting groups who make up our activist community, we can show that there is a lot of positive energy and good work going on in Cambridge at the moment to make real change in the lives of residents” said Ruth Turner, Ladybirds President.

This event is open to everyone to attend regardless of gender.

Presented by Cambridge Ladybirds WI

£8.00 in advance

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Some Nasty Women