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Storey's Field Centre

The Flying Aces + Be Your Own DJ

Saturday 15th September
7:30 pm – 11:00 pm

Following on from the daytime programme of Open Eddington, Storey’s Field will present live music from The Flying Aces as well as an opportunity to “be your own DJ”!

The Flying Aces are a 50s rock & roll revivalist quartet from Cambridge, taking you back to the era of The Beatles playing Hamburg, Chuck Berry tearing down post-war austerity with tales of Coca-Cola and milkshakes, Radio Luxembourg crackling through your headphones, the Flying Aces recreate that time with all the energy and passion that led to the birth of rock and pop.

We’re also offering the chance to be your own DJ! We’ll have a massive selection of 45s to choose from (1960’s to 2010’s), so have a dig, find what you like, and we’ll show you what to do and you’ll soon be filling the dance floor with your own favourites.

Age Guidance
Under 14s to be accompanied by an adult

£5 (children admitted free)


The Flying Aces