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Storey's Field Centre

Painting by Amy Wormald

First Paintings of Eddington at our First Exhibition

Amy Wormald is an artist from Ely who has been visiting Eddington documenting the building in her colourful oil and acrylic paintings. Her exhibition is called I left the office to paint – Aexhibition of urban anruralandscapes by AmWormald. The exhibition features some of her work in Eddington alongside rural landscapes and scenes from the Fens.

Amy’s exhibition is the first solo exhibition at Storey’s Field Centre. It opens on 20th September with a viewing and a chance to meet the artist and to talk about her work.

Storey’s Field Centre has a picture hanging system throughout the foyer into the Studio Room. We hope to show the work of artists throughout the year. The next exhibition is the Top Twenty art works from the Cambridgeshire Open Art show which begins on 30th November.