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Storey's Field Centre

Storey's Field Centre building work

September news update

The building work on the centre is set to be completed around December and we are aiming for regular activities to start from January 2018. The work on the ceiling is complete so the scaffolding is now down inside the main hall and very shortly the last set of windows will be installed. Work on the kitchen is just starting and the sprung wooden floor in the studio room is currently being laid. The brick work is looking really stunning and overall the level of finish is really remarkable. Whilst we await the opening of Storey’s Field Centre we are operating out of one of the flats in the new development – 46 Ryle Yard. This has given us a resident’s eye view of Eddington and we are busy helping with various welcome events for the residents as each block slowly fills up. It is a very exciting time to be here in Eddington – currently there are 70 flats occupied but between now and Easter over 500 residents will be filled.

The Temporary Community Centre is available for resident’s only at the moment. A booking form is available from the hire price (including VAT and Insurance) is £8 per hour.